Confirm the skills of prospective hires within the hospitality industry by using eSkill’s hospitality assessment tests to vet the most skilled candidates.

The Statistics

Hospitality employed 16,256,000 people in the first quarter of 2018, which is a 3% gain from 2017. (Source)

The time to hire for hospitality (21 days) reflected a 7% increase compared to 2017.

Top Skills and Abilities to Look for in Hospitality Staff:

Customer Service Skills

Communication Skills

Food and Beverage Serving Skills

Learn how eSkill’s hospitality skills tests can help you hire skillful personnel who can protect your business’s reputation by avoiding errors and preventing customer complaints.

Our Test Options

Standard Job-Based: Use our tests for Hospitality Associate, Hospitality Manager, Event Coordinator, Food & Beverage Cashier, or Front Desk Clerk, plus many more. All are editable.

Standard Subject-Based: Test candidates for skills in Event Planning Skills, Food and Beverage Serving Skills, Front Desk Skills, Guide and Tour Operation Skills and Room Service Management Skills. Quickly customize tests of any length and combination of subjects.

Over 600 Modular Subjects: Generate a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking your favorite topics from Customer Service, Business Communication, Tour Operator Concepts, Food and Beverage and more.

Your Own Content: Easily add your own test content and questions with the eSkill Editor.

Why Do Clients Like Flora Group Hotels Dubai and Foxwoods Casino Use eSkill Hospitality Skills Tests?

Expert guidance with job-based test customization

24-hour live support

15-year history of perfect EEOC compliance

Extensive, easy customization and integration options

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“We did demos with maybe 6 other companies, and eSkill kept coming to the top, because of the flexibility, the integration into our Taleo application process, and then being able to use it in other areas of the company. Now, after integrating our Taleo system with eSkill, we’re able to move into the process immediately and we have scores in hand. It’s a 100% improvement in the time reduction.”

Wanda Hatchett, Sales Manager


“The wide variety and customizability of eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of our candidates before they even get to our doors. eSkill helps us assess a high volume of candidates in a fast, easy and efficient way.”

Christa Foley, Recruiting Manager


“We chose eSkill because it meets and exceeds our needs. eSkill is unmatched in its ability to manage franchise locations, customize and configure tests, and customer service. The platform makes test deployment fast and easy, while our dedicated account manager has been very proactive in making sure we get the most out of eSkill. We would recommend eSkill to anyone who is looking to identify skilled candidates.”

Jason Leverant, President and COO

AtWork Group

"Our staffing agency switched from ProveIt to eSkill several months ago and we haven’t looked back since. We have had no technical issues, the software library and customized tests are beyond everything we need, the reporting is extremely comprehensive and most importantly, none of our test takers have complained! The eSkill tests are very user-friendly which has increased compliance drastically. Highly recommended!"

Kelli McCallion, Business Development Manager

McCallion Staffing