Your providers do their best work when supported by the most skilled and motivated CNAs, PA’s, nurses, administrative assistants, and IT staff.

The quality of your team’s skills directly impacts your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Not knowing could mean losing a patient.

At the same time, hiring and training the best-qualified staff is a challenge in this competitive hiring market. You need to know, in advance, whether a candidate is going to be a fit for their role.

eSkill’s Healthcare knowledge and skills tests help recruiters and hiring managers to deploy the most accurate, valid tests for pre-employment assessment and skills gap assessments.


By 2025, the US will likely have a shortage of:

446,300 home health aides

95,000 nursing assistants

29,400 nurse practitioners

Source: Mercer.

Top Skills Tests for Clinical and Medical Support Staff

  • Nursing skills tests
  • CNA skills tests
  • Home health aide skills tests
  • HIPPA Knowledge Tests
  • Medical administrative skills tests
  • Medical billing tests

With eSkill healthcare skills assessment tests, you can deploy highly relevant assessments, customized to each job, to predict job-skill fit for your medical support staff.

Healthcare Skills Test Options:

Standard Job-Based: Choose from standard job-based tests such as Certified Medication Aide, Nursing Assistant, Medical Biller, Medical Director, Medical Records Clerk, or Medical Transcriptionist. All tests are editable for ideal fit.

Standard Subject-Based: Test in-depth on single skills like Medical Dosage Calculations, Medical Office Administration Skills, Medical Terminology, Medical Transcription, Nursing Skills, Pharmaceutical Terminology, First Aid, Medical Billing Skills. Quickly customize tests of any length and combination of subjects.

Over 600 Modular Subjects: Create a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking your favorite topics and questions from eSkill’s First Aid, Dental Terminology, Medical Coding, and Medical Transcription subjects.

Add Your Own Content: Upload your own company-specific content using the eSkill Editor for the ultimate skills assessment tests for your employment opportunities.

Why Choose eSkill Assessments for Healthcare?

eSkill makes assessing clinical and support staff candidates’ job skills, psychological fit, and interview presentation efficient and easy.

eSkill will help your organization hire better-qualified professionals, more quickly, with defensible compliance.

Select from over 600 standard tests and easily customize tests from thousands of topics relevant to your healthcare jobs or training requirements.

Our Healthcare industry job-tailored tests and video interviews will most accurately predict job fit or training needs and do so with maximum legal compliance and time efficiency.

Have confidence in your healthcare hiring decisions and team-building success with eSkill.

Why Are eSkill’s Healthcare Skills Tests Used by Stanford University Hospital, UMC Health System, and Children’s Mercy Hospital?

  • Confidence in and training decisions
  • Know in advance whether the candidate or team member can do the job
  • Information about gaps in knowledge or skills to update training protocols
  • Expert guidance with job-based test customization
  • 24-hour live support
  • 15-year history of perfect EEOC compliance
  • Extensive, easy customization and integration options

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