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The Perks of Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring provides great dividends when it comes to professional advancement. It can also be an asset to companies looking to groom junior staff for senior positions. As opposed to executive coaching or development conferences and seminars, mentoring is an ongoing process that encourages employees to learn from each other, sharing knowledge and growth within the company. It’s a way for more established professionals to give back, and in the process gain more than they might expect.

What are some of the benefits? How can you start such a program? And what exactly does executive mentoring entail?

Download our white paper to learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is executive mentoring all about?

  • What is the difference between executive mentoring and coaching?

  • Are executive mentoring programs worth the time and effort?

  • How can you develop an effective executive mentoring program?

Mentoring relationships may already exist within your company – a junior employee may look up to a more experienced colleague, or an entry-level staffer may be asking a senior manager insightful, strategic questions. An executive mentoring program will provide the structure to help nurture these relationships and encourage more, offering a valuable opportunity for both mentors and mentees.

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