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Integrating ATS with Skills Testing: How Skills Testing Enhances Recruiting with an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have revolutionized recruiting by making it easy to manage the hundreds of applicants responding to every job ad you post. And although these databases are easy to access and highly searchable, the results you get from keyword searches are often either too broad or too shallow. How can you know whether the candidates who come up in your search results really have the skills you need for the job? This is where online skills testing comes in, with test results directly integrated into your ATS.

Integrating online assessments with your ATS lets you:

  • Target your search to actual skills, rather than stated ones.

  • Rank candidates according to their skill levels in any number of areas.

  • Cull out those who aren’t up to par, so you have a smaller, more talented applicant pool to choose from.

  • Completely automate the qualifying process, from job posting to interview list.

The seamless integration of eSkill with Oracle Taleo Recruit combines the strength of ATS for human capital management with comprehensive online skills testing. eSkill has partnered with Oracle Taleo Recruit and Acuity Cloud Solutions, a specialist in HCM cloud-based application support and services, to offer the best talent management and assessment solutions available to maximize performance results. Download the white paper to find out more.

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