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Avoid Counterfeit Candidates: 7 Steps to Effective Candidate Screening

Résumé fraud is a very real danger in hiring today. With the widening of the applicant pool through online recruiting, you never know who may be answering your job posting. How can you sift through those increasingly large résumé piles and know that the applicants you decide to interview really are the best candidates for the job?

It’s a multi-step process that begins with trusting your instincts and involves verifying that what is stated on a resume or announced in an interview is really true. It also includes calculating the ROI for current employees and making sure that new hires meet or exceed that bar.

Effective candidate screening includes . . .

  • Trusting your instincts to help you determine the veracity of a candidate’s claims.

  • Looking for red flags and following up on them.

  • Verifying the information job applicants provide.

  • Using personal referrals to your advantage.

  • Structuring your interviews to ferret out untruthful assertions.

  • Using pre-employment assessments to double-check candidate skill claims.

  • Measuring ROI to make sure you are going after A and B level talent.

Adding some structured screening practices to your recruiting process will make it much more likely that you will avoid the bad eggs and hire the kind of top-level talent you’re looking for. And that will make a big contribution to your department’s overall ROI, and to your company’s bottom line.

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