How to Use Pre-Employment Assessments with Millennials

Millennials live and work differently than previous generations. Learn how top companies are using pre-employment assessments with milliennials to hire more successfully and improve training.

Why Retail Pre-Employment Assessment Are Critical for Hiring

It’s not just about finding enough candidates, but it is also about making sure they can successfully perform the roles for which they are hired. That’s why the best retailers are using skills testing for pre-hire fit, and training purposes. Learn why eSkill’s’ Retail skills tests are trusted by Coca-Cola, Zappos, Orvis, 1-800 contacts and other retailers.

Complete Guide to Using One-Way Video Interviews

It seems that every company and hiring executive is looking for something different in its next top employee. In this whitepaper, we will talk about the benefit of using video interviews in conjunction with pre-employment assessments and skills tests.

How to Hire Top Talent with Banking Skills Assessments

Finding and retaining qualified employees one of the biggest challenges facing Banks and Credit Unions. Improve your success in hiring. Banking skills assessments assess a candidate’s aptitude before you hire, so you can make the best hiring decisions for your organization. Using pre-employment skills tests designed for Banks and Credit Unions, you can know, in […]

Why Skills Testing is Critical in Healthcare Hiring

Finding and retaining qualified clinicians and support staff is one of the biggest challenges in the Healthcare field. Working in Healthcare ranks consistently among the most stressful of all jobs. Studies show that 8% of staff members show signs of burnout and 1 in 6 consider leaving the profession altogether. That means you are always […]

A Complete GUIDE for Implementing Pre-Employment Assessments

The human resource practices of many organizations fail to capitalize on current tools that can increase the likelihood of hiring new workers who are ready and able to perform effectively. This Complete Guide for Implementing Pre-Employment Assessments provides a detailed overview of how to: determine the skills and personal qualities needed for particular job description […]

Top 3 Trends Impacting Staffing Companies in 2019

The recruiting market is very competitive these days. It’s not just about finding quality candidates, but it is also about adding value for your clients. They expect you to provide more value, faster and with more precision than they can on their own. That’s why the best staffing companies are doing everything they can to […]

How to Hire for Hard-to-Find Skillsets and Combat Talent Shortage

There’s a definite talent shortage out there. While there are more applicants than positions for them to fill, most of those candidates aren’t ideal fits. Shortages of both critical hard skills and soft skills in the labor pool certainly impact all employers, but especially those looking to hire for highly-specialized positions. The question remains as […]
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