The workplace as we know it changed dramatically this past year. Employees can now work at the office, at home, and anywhere in between, and technology has changed the way we interact with customers, team members, and managers.

If you think things will go back to the way they were now that the Coronavirus pandemic is under control, think again. According to a recent article in Forbes, 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days per month, and a study conducted by Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), the number of remote workers will double during 2021.

You need a different strategy to hire, train, and develop your workforce in this “new” environment. Watch our one-hour, on-demand webinar hosted by Michelle Coussens, a recognized subject matter expert on a variety of workforce-related topics, to learn how to maximize the strengths of both in-office and remote workers, and develop training and develop programs that work in a hybrid workplace.

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to create an effective learning environment for remote and in-office employees.
  • How you can position your company as a “desirable employer” by developing a successful hybrid workforce model.
  • Innovative techniques and best practices you can apply to upskill and reskill new hires and existing employees.
  • Flexible onboarding, mentoring, and training processes you can implement to improve productivity and reduce turnover.

Download the webinar to transform your hiring and training processes to meet the needs of a hybrid workplace.

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