“We have been using eSkill now for over 5 years. Through eSkill we can consistently screen candidates and customize tests specific to our client unique needs. The tool is easy to use, quick to create new assessments, updates to new technology and can handle our volume. Our candidates also enjoy the process from wherever they have computer access. One of the most important features of working with eSkill is the customer service we receive. Our Client Success Manager and team are exceptional. As a company, we know how to provide an exceptional customer experience every time. And eSkill also has mastered this part of their business. I can’t say enough great things about the tools and service we receive and would recommend eSkill to any company who has high volume staffing needs.”

Valerie Gordon

Strategic Talent Acquisition Manager


“We have worked with the team at eSkill for four years, and can only say positive things about the program and the services we have received. We were looking for a service to allow customization and the creation of tests to meet the specific needs of our clients, and eSkill is the perfect fit. Their client support team is the best; very responsive and knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with. We look forward to many more years in this partnership!”

Terri Abraham

HR Consultant


“Our company uses eSkill for a variety of different assessments in our recruiting and training department. We use it to provide potential interview candidates with a short computer skills and language assessment prior to the interview process. This really helps us to know that candidates have the skills required to do the job. We use it to give essential tests to our new hires in training as well as for their end of the week testing after training and we use it for testing new hires once they have been on the job with us 4-6 weeks to see their progress and what they have learned and retained from the training and being on the job. eSkill has been such a wonderful tool for our company and we plan to utilize their services for many years to come.”

Melissa Fullen


Accelerated Claims

“We have started using the E-mail Etiquette subject for testing various secretarial positions and are planning to roll this out for screening sales and reservation staff as well. We see any external form of communication from our staff to our stakeholders as representing the image of our firm. E-mail etiquette is very important, considering there is no body language involved, and as a result it could make or break relationships if the message is not perceived correctly.”

Shebin Hassan

Executive Director

Flora Group Hotels Dubai

“eSkill has become an integral partner to Maine Staffing Group with our screening processes. We are provided with a wealth of varietal testing for any industry we serve. The customization of testing is limitless, allowing us the flexibility to serve our customers’ needs. Keith’s (Keith Nadeau, VP of Sales) expertise and collaboration has been with us every step of the way. We highly recommend and stand by eSkill!”

Janie O. Mille

Branch Manager/Augusta, HR Consultant

Maine Staffing Group

“We use eSkill to validate the nurses’ ongoing ability to interpret various types of rhythm strips correctly. We have been able to change the way we teach our rhythm identification classes, because we now have data related to the common mistakes made by our staff in rhythm identification or patient management.”

Peggy Martin

MSN, RN, BC, Clinical Development Professional

Banner Critical Care Academy

“Laurus International is a leading call center outsource company operating in the Dominican Republic. Our industry is highly competitive and reliant upon exceptional people and innovation to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. eSkill’s multi-functional tools allow us to define testing simulations and hiring profiles to meet our needs. They even incorporated a call center simulation test specifically for our industry; a true testament to their out-of-the-box commitment to partnering with their clients to achieve their unique goals. eSkill’s invaluable tools and ease of use allows us to quickly and effectively identify and qualify the best candidates which ultimately translates into exceptional employees. Their results speak for themselves.”

Luisana Perez

Human Resources Director

Laurus International

“What a discovery! eSkill has simplified our recruiting process beyond our expectations. Screening candidates has become much easier and efficient. We’re able to put together a relevant test within minutes, based on eSkill’s database of questions; the candidates have easy access to the tests, and the reporting options that eSkill offers allow us to select a small number of candidates to interview, based on their test performance. This has saved us countless hours of pointless interviews with the wrong candidates and has directed us efficiently to the ones that are the best match for USAbox. Additionally, eSkill has provided us with excellent and timely customer service every time.”

Carlos Dominguez

“As a new user to eSkill, I have used the Attention to Detail and Logical Thinking subjects in every test I have built. I find they are good questions to include to help filter out applicants that cannot slow down to read the question and think through the answer. I like the variety of questions offered to provide a good overall examination of the applicants’ ability regarding the Attention to Detail and Logical Thinking areas.”

Amy Spallinger

HR/Payroll Specialist

Town of Estes Park, Colorado

I was assigned the task of finding a software solution for testing on the various MS Office® applications. After going through the online demo, I was sold on the product. The software is very user-friendly. The people at eSkill are always friendly and have been extremely helpful in answering my questions. We now have the capability to test for technical and non-technical positions. Not only do we plan to use the software as part of our hiring process, we plan to use it to determine current employees’ skill level for additional training. Overall, my experience with eSkill has been great and I would definitely recommend the site.”

Lisa Foote

Information Technology

UMC Health System

“We have found many uses for the eSkill testing environment. First, it has helped our training department test employees in the area of basic skills and helped us evaluate the individual training needs of each employee and further assisted the training team to customize curriculum for maximum impact. Second, we have used eSkill’s customized testing environment for our employees spread throughout the country, testing them on numerous subjects. Furthermore, I have found the staff at eSkill to be very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.”

William Hubbell

Director of Training

Westlake Financial Services