How to Hire Freelancers in a Compliant and Effective Way

For many freelancers, their self-owned business is a lifestyle choice, and since they are not company employees, you do not have to cover their vacation pay, employee benefits, or sick leave. The goal is to find freelancers who have a high level of professionalism, complete the work you assign them on deadline and require minimal oversight. The […]

How Human Resource Professionals Can Hire Freelancers

Did you know 35% of the workforce are freelancers? The top organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of hiring freelancers who work in graphic design, writing, healthcare, human resources and consulting. Since freelancers are not company employees, you will not have to cover their vacation pay, employee benefits, and sick leave. If your […]

The Truth About Implementing Unlimited Vacation

Unlimited Vacation: Realities, Rewards, and Risks A job that comes with unlimited vacation sounds like a dream come true. What’s better than lying on the beach every day with a cocktail in hand, plus getting a paycheck, too!  In reality, unlimited vacation policies are a bit more complicated with potential advantages and drawbacks for both […]