The Best (and Worst) Tips for Managing Employees Older Than You

Should you ever put a younger person in charge of older employees? How do you manage a team of people who are more experienced and older than you? Organizations need new employees and new leaders, but, sometimes, putting a younger or newer person in charge can cause quite a problem. New leadership makes some long-time […]

Measure What Matters – Why Interviews Are Unreliable

“An interview can profoundly affect the candidate’s decision to join or not to join a company.” —Interview EDGE, Volume 2, Number 6 Interviews are universally used by companies to make selection decisions on candidates, but, as the quote above states, candidates also use the interview to make their selection decisions on which company they will […]

Hire for the Skills. Not for the Title.

Once upon a time, a manager was a manager. Organizations had clear hierarchies, and job titles indicated an employee’s experience and level of responsibility, and they meant the same thing to anyone reading a résumé. Not anymore. Today, employment is more fragmented, and a job seeker’s work experience might include freelancing, entrepreneurship, a traditional 9-to-5 […]

Why Skills Testing Is the Key for Successful Employee Retention

The online technology to acquire and assess professional skills is constantly improving and increasingly being adopted by human resource departments.  This should move hiring away from being driven by networking power to being driven by skills meritocracy. That’s why a critical step in your hiring process should be skills testing. Leaving this step out of your […]

The Top Ten Skills That Employers Want [Part 1]

Rapidly changing technology is in the news every day. Headlines about robots replacing workers, AI taking work from office workers, and driverless trucks and cars are making workers and employers wonder what skills will be necessary to keep people employed. If only HR recruiters had a checklist that could precisely tell them what to look […]

How to Beat the Skills Gap

With nearly 6,000,000 open jobs in America right now, why are some many people complaining about finding a job? The biggest reason is the Skills Gap, a.k.a. the Talent Gap. But what does it REALLY mean? The defines skills gap as “the difference between skills needed for a job versus skills possessed by a worker.” I […]

The Formula That Will Find Your Next Sales Rep

Who would ever pay $4 for an ordinary rock? Well, about 1.5 million people. That’s how many “pet rocks” from Rosarito Beach Gary Dalh sold in only 6 months in 1975. His idea came while his friends were complaining about their pets. Gary joked that the best pet would be a rock. Then he took […]