Employee Development

Select the Right Talent for Employment with Behavioral Assessment Tests

eSkill has partnered with several behavioral test providers and is now offering a range of behavioral and cognitive assessment tests. This means, in addition to skills assessment tests, eSkill can now provide you with complementary behavioral assessment tests to provide you all the tools you need for identifying a candidate’s capabilities. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will serve as the single point of guidance for both systems.

Why Use Both Skills and Behavioral Assessment Tests?

  • Skill testing reveals a candidate’s readiness for initial success with onboarding and can help reduce the time needed for a candidate to reach the productivity level needed for the job. The most cost-effective combination of assessment methods is a cognitive ability test and structured interview, which together account for 40% of job performance. (Schmidt & Hunter 1998)

  • Behavioral assessment tests are predictive of performance so you can prepare a detailed cognitive test that will best help predict how candidates will perform should they get hired

  • You can find innate characteristics, intellectual abilities, learned skills and assess a candidate’s cultural fit.

  • You can make a comparison of a candidate’s characteristics to employees who have proven success in the role.

What Behavioral Assessments Should You Use?

  • Cognitive – Learning index, verbal skill, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, and numeric reasoning.

  • Behavioral Traits – The more a candidate’s personality is aligned with the job and organizational culture, the more likely he or she will synchronize with the work environment and become more productive.

  • Motivational Interests – An individual’s interests assist in understanding where his or her passion lies. Individuals will gravitate to tasks that allow them to align their interests with their responsibilities.

By including behavioral pre-employment assessment tests in your selection cycle, you will have an integrated approach from prescreening to job analysis, and you will be able to cover all your skills testing needs. Request an eSkill test demo here.