Employee Development

Select the Right Talent with Pre-employment Skills and Behavioral Assessments

eSkill has partnered with several behavior assessment providers and expanded the range of tests offered in order to measure candidates’ and employees’ full potential for success. Therefore, in addition to skills assessment tests, eSkill can now provide you with behavioral tests which will offer you an integrated approach in identifying a candidate’s capabilities. This means you will have a complete assessment of the candidate, combining eSkill and behavioral assessments, along with one support team that will offer you the consultancy services for both systems. This will allow you to design a selection process that will identify the potential for success, for both short term and long term performance.

Why Use Both Skills and Behavior Assessments?

  • Once the behavior is defined and measured, it reflects multiple areas of an individual’s characteristics to identify potential for superior performance. Measures of conscientiousness account for 17% of job performance, indicating that certain aspects of personality and behavioral style are important to success. (Schmidt & Hunter 1998)

  • Behavioral assessments are predictive of performance so you can prepare a detailed plan containing strategies for delivering superior performance with every candidate. The most cost-effective assessment method is the cognitive ability test, which predicts 26% of job performance. (Schmidt & Hunter 1998)

  • You can find innate characteristics, intellectual abilities, learned skills and assess the cultural fit.

  • Skill testing delivers candidate readiness required for initial success with onboarding and reduced time to productivity. The most cost-effective combination of assessment methods is a cognitive ability test and structured interview, which together account for 40% of job performance. (Schmidt & Hunter 1998)

  • You can make a comparison of the individual characteristics to those who have proven success in the role.

What behavioral assessments test:

  • Cognitive – Learning index, verbal skill, verbal reasoning, numerical ability, and numeric reasoning.

  • Behavioral Traits – The more our personality is aligned with the job and organizational culture, the more your candidate will synchronize with the environment and become more productive.

  • Motivational Interests – An individual’s interests assist in understanding where their passion lies. The tasks an individual will gravitate to is best understood when you understand where their interests align with the responsibilities of the role.

By including behavioral assessments in your selection cycle, you will have an integrated approach from prescreening, to job analysis, and you will be able to cover all your skills testing needs. Request a demo here.