Employee Development

Increase the Quality of Your Retail Team with eSkill-Screened Hires

Having a great retail team depends on proficiency at many skills – professional communication, accurate data entry, knowledge of retail systems, and more. Find and hire your dream team of retail personnel using eSkill’s pre-screening tests, which will quickly narrow down your hiring options to the most skilled candidates while giving all candidates a fair chance at proving themselves.

  • Our retail assessments let you gauge your applicant’s expertise, from Store Manager to Retail Sales Assistant.

  • Combine any of eSkill’s subjects, topics, and questions into relevant, valid tests for any job.

  • Test not only the sales skills required for the job, but also the interpersonal traits that will ensure a great connection between your staff and your customers.

Why choose eSkill?

eSkill has been the leader in job-based skills testing since 2003, with millions of candidates tested worldwide. Retail is one of our several focus areas of expertise.

  • Fully customize online assessments by combining as many test subjects as needed into a single test, including Sales Clerk Skills, Warehousing Skills, General Retail Knowledge, Web Merchant Skills, Sales Concepts, and more.

  • Job-based tests, like Retail Cashier and Front Desk Clerk, are ready-made to cover the skills needed in these jobs.

  • Optionally pick your favorite questions from our subject library, and use the eSkill Editor to add your own questions for the perfect test.

Contact us to learn more about how our online assessment solution can help you put together the best retail personnel for your stores.