Custom Solutions – Paper to Electronic

If you have paper-based in-house assessment or training materials, we can turn them into online assessments that can be easily tracked and used within your secure eSkill Test Center. Your proprietary content becomes available only to you, and the questions you enter can be mixed and matched with questions from eSkill’s extensive test bank to create the perfect assessments for your recruiting or training needs.

Working with the eSkill content team, you can send your paper tests either scanned in or in MS Word® , PowerPoint® , or PDF files. We can even type in your question text if it is in a different format.

  • Questions can be created as Multiple Choice with one or several correct answers, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank, or Free Response formats. They can also be leveled as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert.

  • Questions can include a Subject title, Topic titles, Question Descriptions, Difficulty level, Correct Answer, and an Explanation. Additional services we can provide include spell-checking and proofreading.

If you like, you can provide images to be included in your question, which will be converted into online format exactly as they appear on paper. You can also add audio files to your questions.

Generally, paper tests can be converted to online tests within a 48-hour interval.


Paper to online conversions are priced according to the individual project, based on a sample that is submitted and analyzed by the eSkill team to determine the time involved in the conversion.

For more information about our Paper to Electronic conversion, contact, or try the Live Chat support on our website.