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Executive Report: How to Use Pre-Employment Assessments with Millennials

In 2016, millennials became the largest US generation in the workforce, overtaking both the baby boomers and Gen X generations. This changing of the guard has created disruption, both intentionally and inadvertently.

Millennials live and work differently than previous generations.

Learn how top companies are using pre-employment assessments with milliennials to hire more successfully and improve training.

eSkill continues to develop customizable employment assessments, tailored to specific industries, jobs, or skills.

For example, you can test for data analyst, e-commerce consultant, or marketing coordinator skills. You can also assess email etiquette, attention to detail, or verbal reasoning.

Using eSkill assessments, you can create a predictive recruiting model, helping you identify which millennial candidates are the best fit for your organization.

Download this How to Use Pre-Employment Assessments with Millennials Executive Report to learn how you can increase your success in hiring and training millennials.

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