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All candidate resumes state previous experience, but how can you know whether they’re telling the truth or exaggerating their abilities? With eSkill you can integrate employee testing and selection into your recruitment process to substantially improve the quality of hiring decisions and cut your costs for recruiting and onboarding candidates. Whether you need to assess basic work skills like MS Office® Suite and typing, or higher-level job-specific skills like XML and Adobe Illustrator, eSkill offers employment selection tests to fit your needs. Increase productivity while fostering employee development.

Lower cost-per-hire and increase hiring precision with eSkill Selection Tests


Access to a massive library with off-the-shelf, subject-based or job-based tests of more than 600 subjects and 5,000 topics which are customizable to fit roles such as Electrical Engineer, Marketing Manager, Clerical Staff, Administrative or Technical Positions.

Full skill testing personalization

Customize skills assessment tests for the highest relevance by combining any of eSkill’s multiple subjects, topics, and questions for testing skills like civil engineering skills, hospitality skills, customer service, multitasking, IT, financial or accounting skills. You can even add your own test content with the eSkill Editor.

Expert Guidance and 24-Hour Support

Your Test Advisor will help you build the ideal skills tests and workflows and have 24/7 support to make sure you love your tests, and that your candidates have a positive test experience.

Used by

Our job assessment tests have been used by Zappos, Coca Cola, Fed Ex, LG, and Paychex among thousands of other leading employers globally.


Save time, energy, and money with comprehensive analysis, conceptualization and skills tests that have perfect compliance track record. Determine training needs and provide quick learning with optional test-taker feedback.

Integration Options

We’ve integrated with popular HR systems like Oracle Taleo, iCims, Paychex, JobVite to automatize the pre-hiring testing stage, so that you’ll no longer have to juggle the multiple systems that could be hampering your daily business priorities.


Get an integrated approach from prescreening to job analysis and identify a candidate’s capabilities by combining both skills and behavioral assessments. Hire for cultural fit and avoid the guesswork.

Learn more about eSkill pre-employment assessments and how assessing technical and non-technical skills can help you find the best and most qualified personnel for your company.


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Since 2003, eSkill has been the product leader in online skills testing platform for applicant screening and staff training to thousands of organizations globally. We innovated and continue to lead the market in easily job-customizable tests and reliable, realistic simulation test questions to fit specific job requirements for the highest job relevance and legal validity. Today we have more than 4,000 organizations globally using eSkill assessments in their hiring and training processes.

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