Employee Development

Quality IT Professionals are Rare. Identify and Hire Them Before Others Do

When you’re searching for top IT talent and you get swamped with resumes, you know that somewhere in the pile there are a few gold nuggets. But how can you find them without spending a lot of time and/or money? That’s where eSkill testing comes in.

eSkill’s online assessments make it easy to:

  • Evaluate your applicants’ IT abilities, from basic computer knowledge to programming;

  • Verify their application and web development expertise;

  • Measure each candidate’s complete potential, by assessing all of the required job skills; and

  • Generate and deliver IT Skills tests that assess a wide range of abilities.

You can count on our testing solution.

With more than ten years of experience in the pre-employment skills assessment market, eSkill offers an extensive test library of over 450 subjects created, reviewed, and validated by in-field experts. Our interface lets you create multiple assessments with the same profile, for random or repeat testing.

  • Fully customize online assessments by combining as many test subjects as needed into a single test, or use Standard Tests for specific positions like C# Developer, Network Engineer, Web Developer, e-Commerce Project Manager, Java Developer, and more.

  • Easily create Beginner- or Advanced-level tests, covering subjects from hardware and networking to using databases and business intelligence, operating systems, and Internet browsers.

  • Create your own company-specific test questions using the eSkill Editor.

Contact us to learn more about how our online assessment solution can help you form the best IT team for your company.