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Infographic – 10 Keys to Hiring and Engaging Millennials

Much has been written about employing Millennials successfully, and for good reason. They are the largest generation in the workforce. Having this in mind, what can companies do in order to retain Millennials longer and make them more engaged and productive at work?
This simple and practical infographic breaks down Millennials’ values and ambitions, what drives their job satisfaction, and what they expect out of companies. It provides a better understanding of Millennials and useful statistics about this pool of candidates.

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Infographic – Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker

Today’s job seeker is a different breed from previous generations. From better company perks to being able to work flexible hours, and from a more casual dress code to the option to work remotely – modern job seekers have a whole different set of expectations. So what exactly do they want out of their next job?This infographic breaks down where and when job seekers are looking for new opportunities today, and what they expect out of companies.

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Measuring Quality of Hire: Defining Top Performance

This infographic will provide an overview on how to evaluate the quality of hire for both potential employees and new hires. This can help your organization to predict performance success as well as to measure productivity on the job.

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