Experience More Powerful Pre-Hiring with eSkill and iCIMS Integration

Struggling with an inefficient or poor-performing pre-hiring process? eSkill and iCIMS are proud to announce an integrated solution designed precisely to solve your problems. By automating the pre-hiring testing stage, you’ll no longer have to juggle the multiple systems that could be hampering your daily business priorities.

iCIMS is an innovative provider of leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions. As an Inc. 500 and Software Satisfaction honoree, iCIMS is dedicated to solving corporate talent management issues by implementing easy-to-use, scalable solutions. iCIMS’ Talent Platform—one of the industry’s premier candidate management solutions—empowers organizations to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single web-based application, from sourcing to recruiting to onboarding.

How the Integration Helps You!

Integrating eSkill assessment tools with iCIMS’ Talent Platform gives you greater control over your job postings, candidate applications, and pre-screening options and results. The integrated solution lets you easily create customizable tests from the extensive modular subject library available in the eSkill Test Center, and this integration means you can also send corresponding tests directly to candidates.

This centralized platform lets you oversee all job postings, applications, tests and test results, helping you make the best possible hiring decision based on actual data.

Top Features:

  • Easy access to any candidate’s entire testing history
  • Easy management of candidates and tests
  • Entirely automated testing process.

The iCIMS and eSkill integrated testing solution lets you:

  • Associate an eSkill assessment to a new or existing job.
  • Choose how and when the candidate will take the eSkill assessment in the recruitment process.
  • View individual candidate test results.
  • View a candidate’s eSkill assessment results history.
  • Compare candidate results.
  • Review candidate status, including assessment completion.
Are You Seeking CANDIDATES?

The recruiting process has evolved on the candidate-level as well.

  • Candidates can take tests immediately after applying for the job through a link on the company’s careers webpage.
  • If you choose to only test a handful of candidates, you can select them and send the corresponding tests via email.

No matter what your testing needs are, all assessment results can be automatically sent to the iCIMS Talent Platform.

Contact us to learn more about the iCIMS and eSkill integration.

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