Employee Development

Put Together a Top-Notch HR Department with Hires Based on eSkill’s Test Results

HR is attaining more and more respect and importance in today’s corporate environment. Involved in recruiting, retention numbers and employee development programs, a skillful HR department will build your company’s chances of success greatly over time. So make sure you build the best HR team with the help of eSkill professional HR tests.

  • Combine any of eSkill’s subjects, topics, and questions into relevant, valid tests for any job.

  • Our HR assessments let you gauge your applicant’s expertise, from beginner to expert.

  • Test not only the hard skills required for any HR position, but also the soft skills that will make your HR personnel the go-to people for work-related conflicts.

Spot the best HR professionals with eSkill’s HR industry-targeted tests.

Effectiveness in HR doesn’t stop at just being a good recruiter or being a “people person.” It’s much more than that, since it requires both of these qualities plus that something extra. With eSkill you can test for many qualities in one test, using our standard job-based tests or with your own customized tests that cover all of the skills you’re interested in.

  • Job-based tests, like HR Administrator, Office Manager, and Reconciliation Specialist, are ready-made to cover the skills needed in these jobs.

  • Fully customize online assessments by combining as many test subjects as needed into a single test, including Training Skills, Interview Questions, Human Resources, Discrimination at the Workplace, and more.

  • Choose as many questions as you like, then use the eSkill Editor to add your own questions to create the perfect test.

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