Employee Development

Lead the Hospitality industry with the help of eSkill Testing

A multi-billion dollar business, the hospitality industry depends heavily on the quality of service its employees provide. Without skillful personnel ready to help customers and perform tasks dependably, your company’s reputation is at risk from complaints and errors.

So put together the best team possible using eSkill’s online assessment platform to verify the most experienced candidates.

eSkill has been a professional skills testing leader since 2003, and offers an extensive library of modular tests relevant for Hospitality industry staffing.

  • Combine any of eSkill’s subjects, topics, and questions into relevant, valid tests for any job.

  • Modular subjects such as Front Desk, Food & Beverage Serving, and Tour Operator test practical skills and measure real-world knowledge.

  • Standard job-based tests, like Event Coordinator, Food and Beverage Cashier, Manager, or Front Desk Clerk, are ready-made if you wish to use an eSkill standard test.

  • Detailed reports provide skills-gap analysis and answer explanations useful for current employees as well as candidates.

eSkill offers testing power for serious Human Resource organizations

Whether you are looking for new people to perform reliably, or assessing staff for training needs, you can use eSkill testing to sort through all of your candidates, and only pick those with the best scores to interview.

  • Pay-per-test-score or get unlimited testing for a flat rate.

  • Fully customize your online assessments by subject or even by question.

  • Upload your own in-house test questions with the eSkill Editor.

  • Class-leading simulation tests help you measure employee performance in simulated software and typing exercises.

Contact us to learn more about how our online assessment solution can help you choose top hospitality employees for your business.