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Post Coronavirus: Why Leverage Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills Tests

According to a recent analysis of job-skill data by the Pew Research Center, the importance of critical thinking skills is on the rise in the U.S. labor market. It’s not surprising that, in a time when most of the U.S. workforce has changed the way they work, individuals with critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are in high demand.

Technical skills tests cannot predict candidates’ ability to adapt to a changing business landscape. Thinking and reasoning abilities are the most accurate predictor of future success on-the-job. Top HR professionals are now leveraging eSkill’s reliable and valid cognitive skills tests to gain an objective measure of candidates’ potential to succeed in the modern workforce.

Using skills tests, especially critical thinking and analytical skills tests, allows HR professionals to get more nuanced information on who can do what today, and who can learn what tomorrow.

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Skills Tests will help you hire better and faster by helping you:

  • Predict Future Job Performance
  • Find Candidates Capable of Succeeding in Remote Positions
  • Critical Thinking is Essential in the Modern Workforce
  • Hire Candidates Who will Excel in Onboarding and Training Programs
  • Compare Candidates in a Valid, Reliable and Unbiased Way
  • Get a Comprehensive View of Candidates

Cognitive skills tests are highly predictive tools of a successful hire. eSkill’s analytical and critical thinking skills tests will save your hiring team valuable time by ensuring they are interviewing candidates with the highest potential for success.

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn more.

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