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How to Improve Your Hiring Process with Video Interviewing

It should come as no surprise that companies are adding specialized video interviewing tools to their hiring process. Video interviews enable organizations to abide by social distancing guidelines and improve operational efficiencies and hiring outcomes. eSkill’s on-demand video interviews streamline the hiring process by allowing hiring managers and recruiters to identify top talent faster and effectively.

Consistency Improves Hiring Outcomes

The pandemic-driven social distancing measures that sequestered workers in their homes and left offices dark prompted increased demand for video interviewing apps. While video conferencing solutions like Google Meet and Zoom are useful for team meetings and professional networking, they do not have the framework needed to conduct structured, objective interviews as required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Unlike mainstream video conferencing technology, eSkill’s one-way video interviewing platform provides employers with features designed specifically for screening job candidates. eSkill takes the interviewer out of the interview. Candidates record responses to a predetermined set of questions and every candidate is asked the same questions in the same order.

The video interview platform allows the interview questions to be integrated into a larger skills/knowledge assessment, and lets reviewers score and comment on the interview. These scores become part of the overall assessment score report.

Learn more about how eSkill’s video interviewing platform will help you develop a systematic and streamlined hiring process. 

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Interested in Using Video Interviews to Improve Your Hiring Process?

eSkill’s user-friendly video interviewing platform allows HR teams to screen more candidates using reliable indicators of potential on-the-job success which will help you hire more and better qualified candidates quickly.

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