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How Top Staffing Firms Are Placing Remote Workers

A recent study by the Conference Board found most human resources executives (77%) expect the number of remote workers their company employs to continue to increase even post-pandemic. And as the economy continues to open back up, organizations want to fill open positions quickly.

Top staffing firms know they need to implement strategic hiring processes to meet the demands of clients and place remote workers rapidly. A survey of companies who use staffing firms, conducted by the American Staffing Association and CareerBuilder, found 45% of companies switched primary staffing firms in the previous year to place more employees, faster.

Leading staffing firms are leveraging eSkill’s suite of online pre employment testing solutions to meet the expectations of clients and secure top remote talent quickly and effectively.

Top staffing firms use skills tests to identify and place remote workers:

  • Verify Remote Work Skills
  • Evaluate All Critical Skills and Competencies of a Position
  • Strategically Implement Video Interviewing
  • Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

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Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s pre employment skills assessment tests and video interviewing platform to find qualified candidates quickly.

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