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How to Use Skills Tests to Hire Quickly

Despite all the talk about digital transformation in recent years, many human resources (HR) departments are still drowning under a mountain of paperwork. And if today’s turbulent times have taught us anything, it is that we need to build resilient and adaptable processes.

Best performing organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of skills tests to make informed talent decisions quickly. Ninety-eight percent of companies use skills assessment tests for hiring. And when companies select the top 20% of candidates, based on the results of skills tests, they realize 21% higher profitability and 59% less turnover.

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Evaluate Candidates on Skills, Rather than Background

eSkill’s online skills tests screen applicants automatically so hiring teams can easily identify top candidates that they want to interview.

Skills tests allow employers to hire candidates more rapidly based on their knowledge and experience related to the position and their ability to perform job-related tasks.

Benefits of Using eSkill’s Skills Assessment Tests to Hire Quickly

  • Screen Candidates Remotely to Hire at Scale
  • Streamline the Training Process
  • Build Diverse Teams
  • Increase Revenue
  • Accelerate Progress
  • Reduce the Cost to Hire

Hire more talented people, faster, and at scale with eSkill’s skills assessment tests. On average, companies that use eSkill’s skills tests reduce their time to hire by 60%. With feasible capabilities and accessible support, eSkill makes hiring talent fast and effective.

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