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How Skills Tests and JobFit Help You Improve Hiring Outcomes

What makes a person the “right fit” for a job in today’s world? Since work has become more project- and task-based, employers use skills assessment tests to streamline their hiring and training processes and improve outcomes. In fact, we have found that companies that use skills assessment tests often reduce hiring costs by 70% and decrease time-to-hire by at least 60%.

JobFit is a complete evaluation of a candidate to determine if they have the skills, experience, and aptitude to do a job, and are a good fit for a company’s culture and work environment. The best way to measure JobFit is to use skills tests to assess hard skills and experience, and video interviewing to evaluate soft skills such as communication and problem-solving abilities. 

How Skills Tests Give You a Competitive Advantage in Hiring Candidates with JobFit

The ability for employers to align with employees is a competitive advantage because it creates a better employee experience. To this end, skills testing offers three critical pieces of intelligence:

  1. It enables employers to verify that candidates have the knowledge, aptitude, and experience to do the job they are applying for.
  2. It helps them pinpoint skills and knowledge gaps so they can develop customized training programs to help employees succeed.
  3. It helps them identify employees who have critical skills that are needed in new positions that support business growth as well as those who are ready for new challenges.

Organizations are turning to skills tests to help them hire the right people so they can increase productivity and decrease turnover. Since the world of work will continue to change, you need skills testing, and video interviewing to assess JobFit for candidates so you can take the guesswork out of recruitment and employee development.

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