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Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Skills Testing Provider for Your Company

Companies can use skills testing in a variety of ways:

  1. Pre-employment skills assessment tests
  2. Benchmarking current skills sets
  3. Evaluating internal talent for new positions
  4. Identify skills gaps
  5. Assess results of training

A skills test provides a standardized and objective method for evaluating job candidates and employees.

Human resources (HR) teams and hiring managers also find that skills testing can significantly decrease the amount of time and cost it takes to hire someone. For example, companies using eSkill for their skills assessment tests can reduce the time-to-hire by 60% and the cost of evaluations by up to 70%.

Using a skills test can also lead to faster onboarding and training. When recruits have the right skills for the job, they get up to speed faster.

How do you go about selecting the best skills testing provider for your company?  Here are the things to look for and the key questions to ask.

How to Select the Best Skills Testing Provider

When evaluating a company to use for skills assessment tests, here are the areas to examine:

  • Quality and Validation
  • Comprehensive and Customizable Test Library
  • Testing for Remote Skills
  • On-Demand Video Capabilities
  • Ease of Use
  • Integration Options
  • Expert Guidance 

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn more and see specific questions you should ask any skill testing provider.

Once you have reviewed these tips on selecting a skills testing provider, we recommend you browse the largest skills test library available and see the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform in action.

Download the Resource

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