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How Public Sector Agencies Use Skills Tests for Better and Faster Hiring

eSkill’s pre employment testing platform enables public sector agencies to automate and streamline the candidate screening process, reducing the time it takes to shortlist applicants, interview, and select new hires.

Public Sector agencies use skills tests to:

  • Create a Seamless Candidate Experience
  • Understand the Required Competencies for Positions
  • Configure a Job-Specific Skills Test
  • Develop a Streamlined and Objective Approach to Interviewing
  • Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

From on-demand video interviews to pre-employment skills assessment tests, eSkill’s cloud-based suite of candidate assessment tools optimizes hiring efficiency.

With eSkill’s innovative Talent Assessment Platform, organizations can automate and streamline time-consuming tasks, reducing the average time-to-hire.

eSkill’s pre employment testing solutions enable public sector agencies to create a seamless experience for candidates while improving the overall quality of hire.

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