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How to Use Pre-Employment Testing for Remote Hiring

The coronavirus crisis has forced organizations worldwide to adjust operations. Human resources (HR) professionals and recruiters must now build an organizational infrastructure that supports remote hiring and onboarding processes.

While the transition to tech-driven approaches for evaluating and onboarding candidates was well underway before the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden onset of social distancing guidelines and remote work has forced talent acquisition teams to adopt new technologies.

If you are in the talent acquisition space and are attempting to shore up your remote hiring processes, consider implementing a suite of pre-employment testing solutions. Using pre-employment assessment tests increases the likelihood of selecting the right candidate by 50% to 80%.

eSkill, a leading pre-employment testing provider, offers organizations the tools and support needed to rapidly and effectively pivot to streamlined remote hiring processes.

With eSkill, you can

  • Customize Pre-Employment Skills Tests Per Position
  • Build a Remote Hiring Flowchart
  • Automate the Remote Hiring Process

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