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How Top Healthcare Organizations Use Skills Tests for Better Outcomes

Healthcare is now one of the most, if not the most, unpredictable industry. With spikes in demand to treat COVID-19 patients and significant reductions in non-COVID-19-related care, healthcare organizations and staffing companies have had to rapidly adjust hiring and talent management processes.

The pandemic forced Healthcare organizations to transform their operations overnight, and employment assessment tests enabled them to do so.

  • Save valuable time and resources: With eSkill’s automated Talent Assessment Platform, top Healthcare organizations can leverage efficiency to improve the overall quality of talent management decisions.
  • Improve hiring outcomes: Leading Healthcare organizations use eSkill’s platform to configure skills tests that measure the required skills and aptitude of positions. By using the results of eSkill’s healthcare skills tests, organizations can make data-driven hiring decisions.
  • Facilitate remote recruiting: eSkill’s online pre-employment skills testing platform enables both candidates and talent acquisition professionals to complete the hiring process remotely.
  • Increase the talent pool: With demand for certain healthcare positions at an all-time high, expanding the talent pool is critical to filling open positions quickly. eSkill’s online skills tests pave the way for organizations to access talent without the limitations of geographic boundaries.
  • Reduce employee turnover: Using data gleaned from pre-employment skills testing to identify qualified talent for healthcare positions is an essential component of reducing costly turnover within an organization.
  • Inform personalized onboarding and training programs: Providing employees and new-hires with development opportunities that address their specific training needs is the key to enhancing productivity and increasing job-related satisfaction. This kind of training creates pathways for employees to upskill and helps employees move into new positions. 

eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables organizations to reach the ideal balance of core and supplemental staff by measuring individuals’ job-relevant skills, knowledge, and aptitude. With eSkill, today’s healthcare leaders can navigate even the most complex staffing challenges.

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