Learn How to Conduct a Virtual Interview with Team Scoring

In today’s competitive candidate-driven market, leveraging strategic interview protocols with coordination across teams is critical to engaging potential new-hires and increasing employee retention. eSkill’s virtual interviews with team scoring allows hiring teams to remotely evaluate candidates’ responses to interview questions and prompts, anywhere and anytime. And candidates can record or write responses to interview questions […]

How to Evaluate Customer Service Job Skills in the Hospitality Industry

Evaluating customer service job skills and hiring candidates with the skills to succeed in a customer-facing role means increased revenue for your business. Candidates’ abilities to work well in teams, communicate, operate computer programs, resolve customer complaints and much more can easily be measured, shared, and analyzed with eSkill’s user-friendly platform. This executive report will […]

How to Evaluate Candidates IT and Computer Skills

The Problem: Hiring teams are facing a crisis-there simply are not enough IT professionals to fill the vast number of positions available today. The Solution: Identifying candidates who have the required skill set, but do not have the typically accepted education credentials or work history, causing other employers to pass by their resume. Improve your […]

How Skills Tests Improve Onboarding & Training

Employment skills tests are now quite common in talent selection, bringing objectivity into the hiring process, and reducing bias. When the assessments selected are reliable, valid, and properly administered by trained and qualified assessors, they provide valuable insights into candidates’ skill sets. These assessments are now also being utilized as a part of the ‘onboarding’ […]

How Behavioral Assessments Are Used in Hiring

Most employee turnover occurs as a result of a poor fit as opposed to a skills gap, and 95% of organizations admit to onboarding a mis-hire each year, according to the Brandon Hall Group. This may be why pre-employment behavioral assessment tests are more popular than ever. In a recent report, 75% of respondents indicated […]

How Staffing Firms Leverage Pre-Employment Skills Testing for Success

Low unemployment coupled with a tight labor market means staffing firms are struggling to find qualified talent, leading to high costs associated with talent acquisition and a lengthy hiring process. Slow turnaround times to place the staff your clients need may result in them looking for another staffing agency or ending their relationship with your […]

Why Retail Pre-Employment Assessment Are Critical for Hiring

It’s not just about finding enough candidates, but it is also about making sure they can successfully perform the roles for which they are hired. That’s why the best retailers are using skills testing for pre-hire fit, and training purposes. Learn why eSkill’s’ Retail skills tests are trusted by Coca-Cola, Zappos, Orvis, 1-800 contacts and other retailers.
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