Top 6 Reason to Use Customer Service and Sales Skills Tests

The economy is growing, sales are performing, companies are adapting, and jobs are changing – but in today’s very competitive labor market, both recruitment and retention are proving to be a major challenge. The tight hiring market means talent professionals need to move beyond standard talent management efforts and think outside the box to find […]

Top 5 Ways Employment Tests Help You Hire Better

One question that dominates every hiring manager or recruiter’s mind is how to attract top talent in an economy that gives candidates the freedom to pick and choose. In this environment, it is more important than ever for recruiters to identify better strategies to recruit and retain top talent. eSkill’s employment testing platform improves the […]

How Pre-Employment Testing Helps Your Company Hire the Best Talent

A revolving door of new hires leads to low employee morale and a decrease in productivity. Regardless of your product or service, nothing will curb your company’s success like an endless stream of bad hires. Businesses need to rethink the traditional hiring process to remain competitive in today’s candidate-driven talent market. Using pre-employment testing in […]

Top 10 Hiring Skills Tests Used by the Most Successful Companies

In today’s candidate-driven market, there are many challenges when it comes to hiring qualified employees. This, coupled with the rapid evolution of technology, makes company growth and sometimes even performing general functions difficult. To survive and even thrive in this tightening job market, employers need to implement new strategies that optimize the talent acquisition process. […]

How Skills Tests Help You Hire Better Medical Support Staff

Developing a systematic, streamlined approach to predicting candidates’ potential to succeed in a medical support staff role is critical in today’s candidate-driven market. Employers must rely more heavily on consistent, unbiased, and accurate data, rather than subjective interviews, to mitigate the risk and cost of a mis-hire. eSkill’s library of medical skills tests enables healthcare […]

How Skills Tests Are Used to Hire Better Manufacturing & Industrial Employees

Facing a widening worker shortage in the U.S., manufacturers, logistics companies, and other industrial companies are forced to deploy new strategies to recruit, train, and retain the next generation of workers. eSkill’s industrial and manufacturing skills tests are an automated solution for identifying candidates with the potential to succeed in the industrial sector. Download the […]

Learn How to Conduct a Virtual Interview with Team Scoring

In today’s competitive candidate-driven market, leveraging strategic interview protocols with coordination across teams is critical to engaging potential new-hires and increasing employee retention. eSkill’s virtual interviews with team scoring allows hiring teams to remotely evaluate candidates’ responses to interview questions and prompts, anywhere and anytime. And candidates can record or write responses to interview questions […]

How to Evaluate Customer Service Job Skills in the Hospitality Industry

Evaluating customer service job skills and hiring candidates with the skills to succeed in a customer-facing role means increased revenue for your business. Candidates’ abilities to work well in teams, communicate, operate computer programs, resolve customer complaints and much more can easily be measured, shared, and analyzed with eSkill’s user-friendly platform. Download Now This executive […]
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