eSkill Introduced Microsoft Excel 2013® Simulations based on highly reliable HTML5

North Chelmsford, MAFebruary 29th, 2016 – eSkill is proud to announce the latest achievement in Microsoft Office® simulation innovation. Our newest simulation tests are based on HTML5 technology and fully immerse the test-takers in Excel 2013® program environments as they fulfill tasks to prove their application knowledge.

In contrast to other simulation tests based on client-side Java, eSkill’s new simulations allow for multiple correct answers, and do not require test takers to install and maintain current versions of Java. So the tests are more reliable, and can be taken across many more computers and platforms.

eSkill simulation tests offer questions ranging from Beginner through Expert levels. All of the simulation questions allow for multiple correct methods, including shortcuts, all tests having 30 questions, and the resulting test reports are broken down by percentiles and correct answers for a thorough score analysis.

These new HTML5-based simulations are more intuitive for test-takers to use in all popular browsers, and require no additional downloads or plugins.

About eSkill Corporation

Founded in 2003, eSkill Corporation has developed a focused expertise in job-based skills testing
software and content. Our unique software makes it easy to create relevant multi-subject tests to fit a wide array of job requirements or other testing objectives. The eSkill Editor lets companies upload or author their own questions and tests online, to make eSkill their universal test management platform.

With over 3,500 combinable subjects and subtopics across a wide range of disciplines, including IT,
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Randstad, Orvis, LG, and many others.

Our industry-leading simulation tests recreate software programs or work environments to allow you
to evaluate how candidates will fulfill actual job tasks. Our simulations assess candidate skills in many popular office software programs and customer service tasks, and allow for multiple correct solutions.

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