eSkill Accessibility

eSkill Accessibility

At eSkill, we are devoted to meeting the testing needs of all of our customers. That’s why we’ve been working to make our testing application screenreader-accessible, so that test takers with disabilities can access our materials.

eSkill’s screenreader accessibility application allows differently-abled test takers to access our test content, so they can demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities on the given subjects. It is highly recommended using a JAWS (Job Access With Speech) based screenreader.

It allows blind or visually-impaired test takers to fully access most of the questions in our extensive subject library, with the exception of those with images or simulations.

For the convenience of all our customers, we’ve also made some adjustments to our application for greater ease of use, including:

  • Highly contrasting colors for both text and background.

  • Unjustified text and accessible font styles for all eSkill questions.

  • Improved navigation for quick access to buttons, forms, and combo boxes.

  • Standard and consistent layouts for all questions.

  • Labels explicitly associated with their controls (see the image below)

eSkill Accessibility

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