Employee Development

Put Together a Great Team of Technicians with Proven Engineering Skills

Looking for highly-skilled engineers? Since 2000, eSkill has been pioneering job-based skills testing for technicians and engineers at organizations all over the world. Our engineering tests have been developed, reviewed, and are continually refined by in-field experts to ensure that they are practical and predictive.

  • Mechanical Skills tests are written and reviewed by panels of in-field professionals, and refined through years of use and updates.

  • Questions with real-world examples test on-the-job capabilities.

  • You can easily configure your own custom tests that cover the skills needed for your unique positions.

  • Accurately gauge your applicant’s expertise, from beginner to expert.

Configure Your Own Engineering Tests or Select a Ready-Made Test

Our modular subject library includes more than 450 subjects with thousands of selectable subtopics you can combine into your assessments. These tools help you identify the best-performing applicants before spending your valuable time on interviews. eSkill makes recruiting easier by offering 100% flexibility in the creation of highly-relevant assessments for standard or customized skills. Our engineering tests and assessment tools let you do it all.

  • Combine questions from many topic areas into a single, customized assessment to measure the skills needed to meet your job requirements.

  • Our pre-defined assessments cover subject areas like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Basic Electronics.

  • Simulation tests help you measure employee performance in simulated real-work environments.

  • Author and add your own company-specific test questions using the eSkill Editor.

Contact us to learn more about how our online assessment solution can help you find the best engineers and technicians for your company.