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Test With eSkill.

You can’t put a price on a wonderful educational experience, nor on the high quality educational professionals that provide it. That’s why you should start using eSkill’s pre-screening testing in your academic recruiting process, so you can only hire or promote those who have proven their skills.

eSkill has been a leader in professional skills testing since 2003, and offers an extensive library of modular tests relevant to staffing modern schools and universities.

  • Combine any of eSkill’s subjects, topics, and questions into relevant, valid tests for any job.

  • Our assessments let you gauge your applicants’ expertise for positions ranging from Cafeteria staff to Office Administration to Faculty.

  • Test not only the professional skills required for the job, but interpersonal skills as well, to ensure great interactions among school staff and your students.

  • Reduce liability with skills data that supports your hiring decisions.

Fuel your students’ minds with inspiring academic staff

The younger generation’s future will be determined in large part by the inspiration they receive from top teachers and support staff. By using eSkill’s pre-screening solution, you can identify the most promising candidates and interview them more quickly.

  • Fully customize combining as many test subjects such as Numerical Reasoning, Logical Thinking, Verbal Reasoning into a single test of any length.

  • Add or delete any questions from a test you wish.

  • Use the eSkill Editor to use your own questions and subjects.

  • Add multimedia exhibits to your tests for immersive and realistic candidate assessment.

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