From Job Analysis to Candidate Selection

Job Analysis Process – Understanding success requirements, regulatory standards and EEOC guidelines

In collaboration with the former Chief Counsel of the EEOC, Eric Dreiband, and I/O Psychologist Dr. Ben Shaw, eSkill has created a foundational eBook to help our clients and readership learn about how to implement a job analysis and valid selection process into their organizations.

Conducting a job analysis – understanding a job’s skill, behavior, physical, education, and experience requirements – can sound laborious, but it becomes a vital operation as
an organization scales in size.

With increased headcount and complexity, an organization must implement standard hiring practices to ensure accurate hiring while protecting itself from the growing possibility of litigation from an increasing employee base.

Download this e-book and learn how to:

  1. Complete a job analysis: The best practices for job analysis as the basis for the construction of a legal selection process.
  2. Deploy your selection process by using information from job analysis
  3. Manage your selection process results.
  4. Ensuring your process meets regulatory standards
  5. Addressing legal departments concerns

This e-book will provide an overview of the best practices for job analysis as the basis for the construction of an appropriate selection process.