“I’ve had such a good experience with eSkill throughout my career. In my current firm, we administer MS Office® Assessments to every hire we add to our Administrative team, and many others. The ease of use makes it quick to create customized tests and send them with a time limit for candidates to complete on their own. In addition, there’s a great customer service team. […] I could not be happier with the quality of the testing software and service, the attention I’ve received as a customer, and their can-do approach. I will be a life-long customer and would highly recommend this service for anyone who wants to make better hires for their company.”

Joe Sinclair
Regional Talent Acquisition Manager Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP

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Try our MS Office®, Digital Literacy and Multitasking test sample, to see what your candidates will experience and get a sense of just how informative the assessment results can be.

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Custom Simulations that Resemble the Actual Job

Our custom simulation tests recreate the working environment of computer programs so candidates can perform their tasks at your office while you evaluate their performance. We’ve developed simulations for commonly used programs like Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and PowerPoint®, that require no test-taker plugins and allow for multiple correct responses.

Using our years of simulation crafting experience, we can create custom questions for your company that simulate the programs and visual tasks your team perform on a day-to-day basis.

Simulations provide an efficient, realistic, engaging, and quantifiable measurement of a diverse set of skills, and the data they gather can be used to pinpoint the best, most qualified applicants in your talent pool.

If you have an in-house application that’s critical for your operations, we can create an online simulation that lets your candidates execute specific tasks that can be easily tracked and evaluated within your secure eSkill Test Center. Your custom simulation solution will be available only to your organization, and the questions you enter can be mixed with other questions from eSkill’s extensive modular subject library.

Benefits of Using Custom Simulations

At eSkill, even our standard online service lets users customize tests in minutes from our huge library of subjects. Beyond these, we offer tailor-made solutions, whatever your testing needs may be. Our custom simulations can be created to include:

  • One or several correct answers;
  • A variety of difficulty levels, from Beginner to Expert;
  • A realistic, interactive job-related online environment;
  • Performing tasks involving menu actions, typing, icon clicking, drag-and-drop, and much more;
  • Offering an engaging job preview to candidates while providing scientific data on their work skills.

See What We’ve Done So Far

Since launching our online skills testing service in 2003, eSkill has helped thousands of organizations improve their talent management processes. Our expertise in electronic testing technology has enabled us to create very realistic testing simulations that assess the skills of computer users.

Our Digital Literacy Simulation subject offers a wide-spectrum evaluation of the skills required to perform common tasks on computers and in an online environment. The questions cover five important topics: Basic Computer Operations (Windows 8.1), Working with Computers, Social Media, the Internet, and E-mail.

Our MS Office® Simulation subjects are based on HTML5 technology and fully immerse test-takers in Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, and PowerPoint 2010® program environments, as the test-takers complete tasks that demonstrate their application knowledge.

The eSkill Multitasking Simulation provides realistic work situations that measure test takers’ multitasking abilities. Applicants are required to juggle a series of tasks within a certain time frame, including managing emails, replying to chat messages, handling orders, and even responding to customer requests.

Our Chat Simulation assesses a candidate’s ability to manage multiple chats at the same time, reflecting the dynamics of a real work environment: answering emails, handling orders, and responding to customer requests. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to shift back and forth between two or more activities on multiple open chats.

Find Out More

Our custom simulations are individually created and priced according to the specific project, based on a clear set of requirements that are used to determine the time involved for creating a custom solution. No matter what field your company is in or what programs you use, we can provide a solution that meets your specific business needs and deliver the perfect tool for your recruiting department.

For more information about our custom simulations, contact sales@eskill.com, or try the Live Chat support on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.