About eSkill

Launched in 2003 with the aim of providing easily customizable online tests, eSkill Corporation has developed into a global leader in employment-related skills testing.

eSkill provides organizations with a Web-based skills testing service. Rather than relying solely on interviews and personal impressions of an applicant’s resume, companies can more effectively place qualified and talented individuals into critical jobs using relevant assessments of the required knowledge and skills. Specifically, the eSkill application lets hiring and training managers configure tests from our extensive subject library to match their hiring and training needs, and reduce the risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.

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Management Team

Eric Friedman, Chairman and CEO, has helped launch five startups since 1992, including Sage Networks, Frictionless Commerce, VideoSite, and Martha Stewart Foods. From 1998 through 2000 Eric performed product development consulting for Midior, based in Cambridge, MA. Eric holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Brown University.

Gerard Szatvanyi, President and Chief Technologist, and the founder of OSF Global Services, has broad experience in Managed IT Services, Business Development, Online Marketing, and IT Project Management. Gerard led OSF Global Services Inc. from the ground up, turning it into an IT services company with 400+ employees. He has led the technology development at eSkill, and has been deeply involved with start-ups such as Agilewords. He has consulted to international clients from the USA, France, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, India, Ukraine and the UAE. With 10 years of expertise in Software Development, SaaS technologies, and Cloud Computing, as well as various CRM platforms, Gerard holds an M. Sc. from Laval University, Quebec City.

Jayna Smith, Vice President of Sales, has more than 15 years of HR sales experience. Her background includes Sales and Sales Management at IBM and Salary.com, Sales at Kenexa, and Sales analytics and Sales training at Genesys Software. Jayna holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts.

Kevin Renner, Sales Manager, has more than 9 years of experience on the technology and sciences side of the Assessment industry. Kevin started his career in this industry at Kenexa (now an IBM company), where he held many positions, including: Assessment Technical Support Manager, Helpdesk Supervisor, Configuration Consultant, and finally Sr. Account Executive for Assessment Sales.

RJ Nichols III, Channel Partner Manager, has over 20 years experience in high tech sales, 8 of which have been in Channel Development. His background includes technical, sales and sales management, selling both hardware and SaaS solutions. He has a 360ᴼ view of the sales lifecycle having been a customer, partner, manufacturer and in distribution. RJ holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. Edwards University in Austin TX.