Hiring Trends for 2022 Remote and Hybrid Hiring

While the mass transition to remote work began as an act of necessity, many employers have found that working from home offers tremendous benefits for both the business and staff. Specifically, remote work can positively impact retention rates, individual performance, and organizational profitability. As a result, remote work is becoming the new normal. Sixteen percent […]

Struggling to Hire Remote Workers Who Can Do the Job?

If you are struggling to hire remote workers who have the skills they need to do the job, you are not alone. When it comes to hiring employees who will be working remotely, you are looking for a slightly different skill set. While they must be able to do the job, they must also possess […]

How to Hire Better Remote Leaders with Skills Tests

Some business leaders have adapted to managing remote work teams better than others. When hiring, training, retaining, and inspiring employees working remotely, it takes a different mindset and skill set. Here is one example that has played out all over the world in the past year. When managers are unable to see their direct reports, […]

How to Leverage Skills Tests to Train Remote Workers

Is it a good idea, or even possible, to hire someone without ever meeting them? A year ago, this would have been unthinkable for many companies. However, things change, and businesses have to pivot to respond to market demands. Now we live in a world where interviews are conducted remotely, and for the most part, […]

How to Recruit Better Fire and Police Officers

Departments of Public Safety across the United States provide essential, and even life-saving services. With lives on the line, it is critical that jurisdictions hire the right men and women to serve. Agencies must strategically implement data-driven processes for screening, shortlisting, and interviewing to secure qualified talent. Changes in hiring processes for any organization are […]

Why More Public Sector Agencies Choose eSkill

Public organizations face many hurdles when recruiting. An aging workforce, antiquated hiring processes, tight budgets, and existing skills shortages make hiring effectively and efficiently difficult. A study conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence found the primary challenge public sector agencies face is the ability to recruit and retain qualified personnel. Eliminating onerous […]

Top Skills Tests for State and Local Agencies

The private sector is leading the way in workforce recruitment. Most state and local agencies, on the other hand, are still using antiquated hiring procedures that focus on work history, rather than verifiable skill sets. As human resources (H.R.) technology continues to evolve, so is the way leading companies screen candidates for skills and aptitude. […]
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