How to Improve Your Recruitment Process for Remote Workers

Remote work is not a trend—it is here to stay. And it is growing at an unprecedented rate. Global Workplace Analytics predicts 25 to 30 million U.S. employees will regularly work from home within the next two years, up significantly from the reported 5 million remote U.S. workers just before the coronavirus outbreak. With remote […]

How One Way Video Interviews Are Used in Hiring

Companies readily acknowledge the power of information technology tools for reaching business goals because they optimize work processes and help employees meet management objectives. As a talent acquisition professional, your primary goal is to select the best-qualified candidates. To do this efficiently, you need to eliminate unqualified applicants as early as possible in the hiring […]

The “Backlash” Against AI in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way many organizations do business. Companies are using AI-enhanced Chatbots to respond more quickly to customer queries.  E-Commerce sites are using AI for recommendation engines, dynamic pricing, and predictive analysis.  More than 111 million Americans use intelligent voice assistants monthly.  Artificial Intelligence, it seems, is […]

The New Legal Risks of Using AI in HR

You know the high cost of making bad hiring decisions.  In addition to the time lost and the negative impact on the organization, there are hard costs as well. The U.S. Department of Labor put a price tag on it.  It estimates that the average cost of a bad hire equates to 30% of the […]

The Top Skills Tests Used by Staffing Agencies

Because the labor market is tight and unemployment is at its lowest in twenty years, it is essential for staffing agencies to attract as many of the right candidate placements as possible. Over-screening irrelevant or generalized skills can be a deterrent to candidates, causing agencies to lose out on qualified applicants. Therefore, assessments used to […]

Tips for Recruiting Top Government Workers with Skills Tests

The private sector is leading the way in workforce recruitment, while the public sector has been left in the dust for some time. Private sector organizations are automating tedious tasks and actively recruiting talent. The private sector continues to evolve, while the public sector, for the most part, has not. Most Government agencies are still […]

Basic Office and Computer Skills Tests for Government Staffing

In today’s world, technology is continually evolving and changing the way employees in all fields complete their work. It is extremely important that organizations accurately determine a potential hires ability to perform tasks effectively, and the public sector is no exception. Local, state and federal government agencies require individualized staffing solutions based on their unique […]

How to Leverage Office Skills Tests in Government Recruiting

For Government recruiters, attracting top talent can be a challenging task. With out-of-date recruiting techniques, most public sector recruiters are looking for the golden ticket:  qualified, skilled employees who want to serve the greater good while accepting lower salaries than in the private sector. Other recruiting challenges present themselves in the public sector as well. […]

The New Rivalry: Millennials vs Corporate America

We are all familiar with rivalries…Republicans vs Democrats. Texas vs Oklahoma. Yankees vs Red Sox. However, a new rivalry has emerged in the last decade that is causing major problems: Millennials vs Corporate America. Business owners, managers, and recruiters love to express their disdain with Millennials in the work force while Millennials love to roll […]

How Public Institutions Are Using Pre-Employment Assessments to Improve Hiring Outcomes

Public employers face unique challenges in recruiting and retention. With an aging workforce, outdated processes, tights budgets, and skills shortages, public recruiters confront an uphill battle in attracting talent. According to a recent study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, the top issue facing public organizations is “recruitment and retention of qualified […]

Government Staffing Agencies: Tips for Using Skills Tests to Hire Faster

Advanced automation and cognitive technology are changing the hiring process for the better. Staffing agencies around the world now recognize how pre-employment skills tests can save valuable recruiting dollars and advance productivity. These pre-hire skill tests enable the hiring of employees that will create more value for constituents and enhance their professional satisfaction, increasing the […]
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