What Is an MS Word Skills Test and Simulation?

With tens of millions of users around the globe, Microsoft Word is unquestionably the most popular word processing solution on the planet. While the widespread usage of this software makes it easy for employers to find candidates familiar with the product, it is much more difficult to determine which applicants possess high-level proficiency with Word. […]

How Microsoft Skills Assessment Tests Help You Hire and Train Better

Like most businesses, your company probably relies on the Microsoft Office Suite of products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to perform mission-critical tasks. If so, implementing Microsoft Office Word skills tests may hold the key to hiring smarter and creating more effective training protocols for your staff. Below, we provide a comprehensive guide to Microsoft […]

What Is Included in a Microsoft Word Skills Test?

For years, highly respected publications such as Forbes have encouraged business leaders to invest in pre-hire testing solutions. This comes as no surprise since utilizing skills testing for pre-employment screening offers many benefits. However, some business owners and stakeholders are hesitant to adopt skills testing because they do not know what these screening tools include. […]

Why eSkill’s MS Office Proficiency Tests Are Trusted

Tens of thousands of businesses across the nation use MS Office products. This number will continue to rise, especially since Microsoft transitioned from a traditional product purchasing model and adopted a per-user subscription model. Businesses can now access Microsoft 365 products for only a few dollars per month per employee. This scalability makes Microsoft Office […]