How has eSkill prepared for the GDPR?

At eSkill, we take compliance very seriously. For GDPR, we are working to ensure that we are compliant with the rules laid out by the law, and that we provide product functionality that enables our customers to remain compliant. eSkill collects data to operate effectively and to provide you with the best experiences while using […]

Time to Hire and Train – a Never-ending Story in the World of HR

According to a Linkedin Report on 2018 Global Recruiting Trends, recruiters can more easily discover talent by focusing on diversity, new interviewing tools, data and artificial intelligence. In the following article we will discuss the interviewing tools and how they can leverage the time component from the selection process. Hunt Scanlon Media recently reported that employers will […]

How Human Resource Professionals Can Hire Freelancers

Did you know 35% of the workforce are freelancers? The top organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of hiring freelancers who work in graphic design, writing, healthcare, human resources and consulting. Since freelancers are not company employees, you will not have to cover their vacation pay, employee benefits, and sick leave. If your […]

6 Ways to Hire for Cultural Fit – and Why You Should Care?

You’ve seen phrases like “culture is king” and “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and you’re probably wondering what that means for you or if you should even care. Maybe you work for an organization with a great culture and you don’t have to do a lot of work to spread the word, or maybe you […]

Should HR Include Cryptocurrencies as HR Benefits?

Cryptocurrency is a popular buzzword. It was one of the most searched terms on the Internet in 2017. But why? What is a cryptocurrency anyway? Normally, I am not one to use dictionary definitions when writing, unless it is absolutely necessary, and, in this case, it is. The word “crypto” is Greek and means “a […]

Do You Feel Stuck With Your Skills Training Strategy?

Frank, a woodcutter, applied for a job with a timber merchant. And he got it! The job was a really good one, so Frank was determined to do his best.  His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area to work in. The first day, Frank brought 21 trees back to the factory. […]

The Universal Skill All Employers Want

As an employer, you want a highly skilled workforce, and, as a human resource professional, your job is to find those highly skilled workers. Very few jobs require an employee to simply do one task alone in a cubicle. Work requires more from us than that. HR has the daunting task of figuring out which […]

How Not to Work for Unfulfilled Services USA Inc.

Fulfillment in our day job has been gone from a desire to a demand. Many people speculate why, but whatever the reason, research backs up the claim that happy employees are more productive employees. This belief has shined a spotlight on work-life balance for employers and employees alike and begs the question, “How do we […]

Top Job Skills for Jobs That Don’t Exist Today but Will Soon

Think back to just 10 years ago. Who would have predicted “Uber Driver”, “Manager of Social Media Engagement”, “Cyber Security Officer” or even “App Developer” would be career options, let alone predict the skills training necessary to be a good at any of those jobs? How in the world can you predict the skills necessary […]

What Elements You Must Include in Your Next Training Simulation

Many business owners have very little time to provide their employees with effective training, simply because they have a lot on their plates and need to focus their attention on the core tasks. Nevertheless, they know how important employee training is for boosting productivity and growing their business, which is why they turn to training […]

The Cost of Losing Employees (And How to Avoid It)

Losing an employee is never easy — but it happens. People change industries, find “better for them” jobs, or go to work for themselves. But many organizations don’t realize how costly employee turnover is! First, losing an employee hurts your bottom line. Period. Experts estimate it costs at least twice an employee’s salary to find […]
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