Technology-Based Employment Testing: What Should You Expect?

These days it seems that everything is technology-based, so it’s no surprise that many of the recruiting functions we are used to doing manually are now available online. Pre-employment assessments and employment testing are among many recruiting functions that have been taken over by the tech world. A myriad of employment testing services now offers […]

E-Learning Pros and Cons

Our lives are dominated by technology—we depend on cloud computing to synch information among all of our electronic devices; we can text, e-mail, and tweet almost simultaneously from our smart phones; we have access to information 24/7 through the Internet. It’s no wonder then that the technology that allows us to do all these things […]

Talent Management: A Recruiter’s Best Tool

When you’re swamped with resumes for each position, the task of sorting through the candidates can be overwhelming, and it can take up as much time as you’ll give it. You may end up ruling out qualified candidates simply because you don’t have time to assess their abilities or keep track of the number of […]

How Pre-Screening Can Help with the Recruiting Process

According to a recent report by the Society of Human Resources Management, 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information. Pre-screening employees not only helps you weed out those who exaggerate on their applications, it also helps you get a better sense of candidates’ skillsets, character, attitude, and overall personality. These are just a few […]

Re-Qualifying Your Workforce Can Make a Difference

Last week, I called my mother late in the evening to chat and was given a huge reminder that our world (and especially technology) moves at a fast pace. The trouble started when we were discussing a local business and she went to their website. On the right side of their page was their Twitter […]

5 Ways to Hire Top IT Talent

Hiring and retaining the best talent is as tough as it’s ever been, especially when it comes to hiring the best IT talent out there. Despite recent trends in the workforce, it is possible to hire the best, but you’ll have to be one of the best to attract these candidates. The workforce is saturated […]

What is evergreen job posting?

Evergreen jobs are a position at your organization that are always open, either because they are high turnover positions or, more likely, because they are positions for which you have many employees in the same role. As a hiring manager, you are constantly chasing candidates for this role, spending hours interviewing, qualifying, and finding job […]

4 Ways HR Technology and Testing Tools Help HR & Recruiters Hire Better

In the 1990s, technology brought recruiter-centric automation to the sourcing and recruitment world. This new technology gave recruiters the power to parse resumes based on a full set of criteria, including keywords and semantics. It eliminated the need to spend hours upon hours sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes trying to find the […]

The Importance of Job Simulation in Hiring Quality Candidates

Industries like call centers, transportation, finance, and banking can benefit from job simulation testing during the candidate interview process. We’ll discuss some best practices in using job simulation testing and how it can improve employee retention, performance, and the overall quality of hire. The benefits to hiring well are decreased costs all around, from human […]
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