How Pre-Employment Assessment Tools Help You Hire Better

Regardless of which industry you are in, the last two years have undoubtedly had a profound impact on how you hire and retain employees. Between The Great Resignation and the ongoing global talent shortage, it has become quite challenging to fill vacancies with qualified candidates. The stark realities of the modern talent ecosystem have prompted […]

Why Customizing Skills Tests Is Important in Employment Testing and Assessment

Over the last 12 months, the impacts of the ever-widening talent gap have been more apparent than ever. Businesses across various industries struggle to fill vacancies with quality employees. While overcoming this talent shortage will require a multifaceted approach, companies can take meaningful steps to close this gap by breaking bad hiring habits. Businesses need […]

eSkill Is a Top Pre-Employment Assessment Company Year After Year

Year after year, eSkill is ranked among the top pre-employment assessment companies globally. We have been recognized by preeminent organizations and technology reviewers such as G2. Specifically, our products have received praise for their performance, reporting quality, and customizability. The skills testing and pre-employment screening sector has exploded over the last few years as organizations […]

How to Make the Right Hires With Pre-Employment Assessments

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars hiring new employees, only to have them leave a few short months later? Has high turnover hindered your ability to adequately serve your customers? Would you like to implement proven strategies that will significantly enhance your ability to make the right hires? If so, then this guide […]

How Pre-Hire Employment Tests Work for Remote Hires

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers were beginning to leverage digital hiring practices and offer more remote working positions. The events of 2020 accelerated this trend, with searches for remote employment opportunities surging 460%. This development is no surprise, as many employees believe that remote work is safer and more convenient. Employers across the […]

How Behavioral Assessments and Skills Tests Help You Hire Better

Over the last decade, turnover rates have skyrocketed by an astonishing 88%. Most organizations experience an annual turnover of about 36%. This churn means that you are likely to lose at least one staff member to attrition for every three employees you hire. A high turnover rate can destroy your organization from within as you […]

Which Accounting Skills Assessment Tests Should You Be Using?

The financial industry is experiencing a talent shortage that is in danger of becoming a full-blown crisis. For the third consecutive year, ManpowerGroup included positions within the accounting and finance sector in their top 10 “hardest jobs to fill” list. If you are tasked with hiring accounting professionals, you know just how difficult it can […]

EEOC Guidelines for Employment Tests for Selection

Pre-employment testing is a valuable asset to your business, especially now that talent shortages are at a 10-year high. By administering skills testing during the selection process, your HR department can effectively evaluate candidates. They can measure both hard and soft skills to make informed hiring decisions that will benefit your organization. However, your pre-employment […]

Types of Behavioral Assessments Used in Hiring

When it comes to hiring the right person, companies need to gather as much information as possible. While hard skills like math and technology tend to dominate recruiter thinking, soft skills can determine whether a new hire will be successful. According to a LinkedIn report, 92% of HR professionals responded that soft skills are at […]

What Is a Behavioral Assessment?

HR professionals are always looking for ways to improve the hiring process. Whether it is cutting the average time to hire or enhancing the chances of bringing the right person on board, companies need to be aware of all available tools to make hiring more efficient and effective. Some of the most valuable tools you […]

How to Avoid Mis-Hires with Behavioral Assessments and Skills Tests

According to recruitment firm Robert Half, it takes companies an average of six weeks to make a new hire. During this time, HR employees must sift through hundreds of applicants, scanning resumes and other supporting documents. Once teams identify potential candidates, the interview process commences and proceeds until top job seekers emerge. Hopefully, this process […]
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