Why Is JobFit So Important in Hiring? How Pre-Employment Tests Work.

When you hire candidates, who are well-suited for a job, you get more productive and happier employees. It increases employee retention rates. The flipside is true as well. When you hire someone who is not the right fit, it can disrupt workflow and lead to higher turnover. One recent survey showed that a third of […]

Reduce Recruiting Costs and Time-to-Hire with Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

When OSF Digital needed to hit aggressive recruiting targets to reduce hire time, it turned to eSkill’s pre-employment assessment testing. Using the online tools, OSF realized a 68% reduction in the hours it took to complete a successful hire with Pre-Employment Assessment Testing from eSkill, and enjoyed a 64% reduction in costs. When AtWork needed […]

The 5 Most In-Demand Technical Job Skills and How to Hire for Them in 2021

In what feels like a decade but has only been a year, the pandemic has upended the world of work. Social distancing guidelines and government-imposed lockdowns forced office buildings, factories, brick-and-mortar stores, and more to go dark. This sudden shift to remote work necessitated digitization, accelerating the implementation of new technologies faster than previously thought […]

How to Shift Your Employment Testing Strategies in 2021

In the U.S., there are nearly two unemployed people for every available job. And some economists are forecasting that job recovery will likely take up to two years. The result: a talent supply that will continue to exceed demand through 2023 at the earliest. Simultaneously, many human resources (HR) teams are running leaner and looking for new ways […]

Hire Top Relationship Bankers With Pre-Employment Assessments

As a strategic position within financial institutions, hiring skilled relationship bankers is critical to building customer loyalty and generating additional revenue. eSkill’s customizable relationship banker pre-employment assessments provide employers with an objective approach to identifying candidates with the exact skills and aptitude they need. Since relationship banker jobs vary widely across institutions, eSkill offers a […]

Hiring Strategies for Remote Workers: Pre-Employment Testing Tools for 2021

Before the onset of the pandemic, no one could have predicted the way we work would change almost overnight. Despite initial anxiety that the pressure of such sudden and profound change would be too great, business leaders have found that the new way of working could be the answer to sustained success. While many companies […]

Has Your Workforce Changed? Use Pre-Employment Tests to Hire in 2021

Even before the pandemic’s onset, new technologies and ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills needed to do them. The half-life of job skills, or the amount of time before a job skill is about half as valuable as it was initially, was getting exponentially shorter. In 2017, the World Economic Forum estimated […]

Why Validity is So Important with Behavioral Assessment Tests

Research conducted by Gallup found that when organizations systematically select top candidates using validated assessments, they see 33% higher revenue per employee and experience 59% less turnover. The potential boost valid employment assessments can have on organizational productivity is immense. However, the key to successful and legally compliant implementation is establishing the validity of tests used […]

Pre Employment Behavioral Assessment Best Practices

When listing the competencies essential to most positions, it is tempting to only think of specific technical skills such as project management, accounting, or data analytics. But human resources (HR) professionals have found a major deficit of fundamental behavioral characteristics like effective communication skills and attention to detail among candidates and employees alike. While technical […]

How to Use Behavioral Assessments and Skills Tests to Hire Better Employees

Hiring highly qualified candidates is always a challenge for employers, but it is particularly difficult now due to the historically low unemployment rate. And simply relying on the review of candidates’ educational background, employment history, references, and performance during an interview is not enough to know if they are the right fit for a position. […]
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