As a customer, can I create my own questions?

Yes. You can add your own questions using the eSkill Author, an application designed for creating pre-hire and training test questions to be used within the eSkill Testing System. Please contact your account manager for more information.

What is the difference between a test and a subject?

eSkill’s subjects include a large number of questions that can easily be configured into tests of varying lengths on a single topic, or combined with questions from other subjects. eSkill also provides a number of ready-made tests, including single-subject and job-based tests that are suitable for testing candidates. Job-based tests cover the skills needed for […]

What types of products does eSkill offer?

eSkill offers a large selection of assessment subjects covering many content areas, which can be configured into customized tests that fit your business needs. You can also build custom tests by manually selecting questions from our subject library. We offer three kinds of products: ​ • eSkill’s Subjects are collections of questions that test specific […]
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