How can I change the password for the eSkill Author?

To change the eSkill Author password, log in to your Account and then click on the Account menu and choose the Change password option In the Change Password window, enter the old password and then enter the new one and click the Change Password button.

Where can I find a copy of the eSkill Author training guide?

Every new customer receives a training guide that contains all of the information needed to use eSkill Author to create pre-employment testing questions. Download your copy from our Resource Center. For more information on how to use the eSkill Author, please see the detailed Editor Help section.

Where Can I Login to the eSkill Author?

You can access the eSkill Author directly or login from your eSkill customer account to create and customize pre-employment tests questions. Follow these steps to login from your customer account. In the Account section on the Dashboard, select eSkill Author and then eSkill Author Login. On the Account menu, select the Configuration Pane option, Author Access […]

What is a question point?

A question point entitles you to create and publish a question. Some eSkill subscription plans require you to have question points to create questions for skills tests using the eSkill Editor. Points are deducted from your account when you publish new questions for the first time. For more information on how to use the eSkill […]

How are the eSkill Author and the Test Center Connected?

With the eSkill Author tool, you can create, modify, or import subjects directly into your eSkill account and use them to create pre-hire and training assessment tests in your Test Center. The subjects and customized tests that you create are not available to any other eSkill customer. Contact us to schedule a demo.

What is the eSkill Author?

The eSkill Author is a tool you can use to create custom test questions and subjects for use within your eSkill Testing Center. You can write your own questions from scratch or edit existing questions to adapt them to specific pre-employment assessments and skills tests that meet your needs. The tool is accessible through your […]