Anatomy of an Interview

The interview stage is the MOST crucial part of the hiring process. It’s the moment when both you and the applicant put forth your best qualities in hopes of a perfect match. It’s also a loaded moment, and stress can affect the outcome of an interview. Good interview practices can save you from the stress […]

Integrating ATS with Skills Testing: How Skills Testing Enhances Recruiting with an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have revolutionized recruiting by making it easy to manage the hundreds of applicants responding to every job ad you post. And although these databases are easy to access and highly searchable, the results you get from keyword searches are often either too broad or too shallow. How can you know whether […]

Team Scoring: The Ultimate Collaborative Assessment Solution

Click HERE to view Infographic. Organizations want their teams to be creative thinkers but are not entirely sure how to select and assess those skills. Some common questions: “Can the answers to open questions be measured and evaluated?” “What assessment tools are available to assist us in recognizing creative thinkers or how they structure their […]

10 Keys to Hiring and Engaging Millennials

Click HERE to view Infographic. Much has been written about employing Millennials successfully, and for good reason. They are the largest generation in the workforce. Therefore, it’s worth noting that, per Delloite, 44% of Millennials say that, if given a choice, they expect to leave their current employers in the next two years. In general, […]

The Definitive Guide to Recruiting and Hiring for Healthcare

Employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 39 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the same time, recruiting strategy is evolving at a fast pace. If healthcare employers want to remain competitive in 2017, they need to understand how […]

5 Tips for Identifying Perfect Fit Candidates

Watch our webinar and learn how to find top talent by integrating new processes into your recruitment flow, understand the new recruitment landscape and use it to your advantage and reduce hiring costs and the top talent acquisition pressure. Speakers: Kelly Painter VP of Sales at eSkill Corporation, with 12 years experience working in Talent […]

The Best Way to Assess and Develop Employees

Our webinar will show you how to use dynamic training and accurate testing to better educate and assess your employees, increase productivity and retention, improve the skills of current and future applicants, lower employee attrition by up to 50 percent and discover budding “rock star” employees. Speakers: Tony Huffman Founder of Approved Colleges Business Services—a […]
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