How to Hire for Hard-to-Find Skillsets and Combat Talent Shortage

There’s a definite talent shortage out there. While there are more applicants than positions for them to fill, most of those candidates aren’t ideal fits. Shortages of both critical hard skills and soft skills in the labor pool certainly impact all employers, but especially those looking to hire for highly-specialized positions. The question remains as […]

How to Hire Freelancers in a Compliant and Effective Way

Did you know that 35% of the workforce are freelancers? The top organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of hiring freelancers who work in graphic design, writing, healthcare, human resources and consulting. Since freelancers are not company employees, you will not have to cover their vacation pay, employee benefits, or sick leave. Be […]

Measuring Quality of Hire: Defining Top Performance

Determining the quality of both prospective and current employees is essential to any business and means using tools and implementing processes that can predict performance success as well as measure productivity on the job. With so many competency assessment methods available, from basic to advanced, which will help employers hire the most qualified candidates? Download […]

Infographic – Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker

Today’s job seeker is a different breed from previous generations. The modern job seeker is usually someone young, who grew up in the internet age, likes adaptability and spends much of his time on a mobile device. From better company perks to being able to work remotely or flexible hours, go at work biking and […]

A Tale of Two Applicants: Making the Right Choice Easier

When you’re hiring for an important position, it’s hard to see beyond the resumes to the real people behind them. Your position requires specific hard skills and abilities, as well as the personality, demeanor, and other soft skills that will ensure that your new hire fits in well with your corporate culture. How can you […]

Avoid Counterfeit Candidates: 7 Steps to Effective Candidate Screening

Résumé fraud is a very real danger in hiring today. With the widening of the applicant pool through online recruiting, you never know who may be answering your job posting. How can you sift through those increasingly large résumé piles and know that the applicants you decide to interview really are the best candidates for […]

Measuring Quality of Hire: You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

What if you could know with 100% certainty that a job candidate would excel in the job? While Quality of Hire (QoH) metrics can’t promise that, they can give you the objective data that will make your hiring decisions much more accurate. Taking a closer look at those hard-to-define skills and qualities that add up […]

How to Up Your Company’s Game through Mobile Technology

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets for everything, including searching for jobs and applying for open positions. By developing an effective mobile strategy, your company can stay on top of this trend and make it easier for candidates to find your job openings, apply for positions, and even track their application’s […]
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