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A Tale of Two Applicants: Making the Right Choice Easier

Type: Whitepaper

"When you’re hiring for an important position, it’s hard to see beyond the resumes to the real people behind them. Your position requires specific hard skills and abilities, as well as the personality, demeanor, and other soft skills that will ensure that your new hire fits in well with your corporate culture. How can you […]Read More

Avoid Counterfeit Candidates: 7 Steps to Effective Candidate Screening

Type: Whitepaper

"Résumé fraud is a very real danger in hiring today. With the widening of the applicant pool through online recruiting, you never know who may be answering your job posting. How can you sift through those increasingly large résumé piles and know that the applicants you decide to interview really are the best candidates for […]Read More

The Ultimate Collaborative Assessment Solution

Type: Infographic

"Organizations want their teams to be creative thinkers but are not entirely sure how to select and assess those skills. Some common questions: “Can the answers to open questions be measured and evaluated?” “What assessment tools are available to assist us in recognizing creative thinkers or how they structure their ideas?” “How might we evaluate […]Read More