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BenefitMall is a national provider of employee benefits and related employer services. It is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and is a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group. It offers small and large group, individual, senior, stop loss, and alternative coverage through a variety of insurance companies and serves clients nationwide. The products, services, and tools it offers help healthcare insurance companies sell employee benefits packages to businesses.

The Situation

BenefitMall was using IBM Kenexa Prove It to assess candidates but needed to find a new solution provider when it was discontinued. Management appointed a task force to evaluate assessment solutions and the objective was to find a provider that could help them make the best possible hiring decisions, reduce the number of mis-hires and decrease turnover rates.

The Solution

The team chose eSkill because it offered the best value and provided the most important features and functionality the BenefitMall HR team needed. They liked the level of flexibility that eSkill offered, such as allowing them to create customized hiring assessments. They knew they could choose from among 800 pre-prepared job- and subject-based hiring assessments in the eSkill Test Library but could create their own by choosing the questions they wanted and adding their own.

Two big factors that influenced their decision were:

  • eSkill integrated seamlessly with iCIMS, their applicant tracking system (ATS), which meant they could manage the entire hiring process on a single platform.
  • They were assigned a dedicated Assessment Expert that they could call any time they had a question or needed help.

As a case in point, when they were getting started with eSkill they needed help customizing their first few hiring assessments until they became more familiar with all the features. They got help promptly and were able to start screening candidates immediately.

The Results

Hiring managers love the level of detail that the hiring assessments provide and feel they can make hiring decisions with confidence because the questions are very closely aligned with job responsibilities. As explained by Robert Ray, HR Supervisor, “There is one department that reviews specific questions on the Detail and Data Checking test because the problems line up exactly with the types of activities employees need to do in the job role. In fact, one manager focuses almost exclusively on those questions while evaluating candidates.”

They have also noticed that they have had fewer computer issues since they implemented eSkill, which has helped the entire HR team improve productivity.

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