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BELAY is a leading virtual staffing solutions company that was founded in 2010 in Atlanta, GA. It is 100% virtual and has won several awards for its innovative culture and employee satisfaction.


After evaluating several job assessment products, the team decided that eSkill was the best solution for their needs because it offered unlimited testing and included access to over 800 subject- and job-based assessments in its Test Library.

They also appreciated having the option to build their own skills tests and pre-employment tests by choosing questions from multiple tests in the eSkill Test Library and adding their own questions that tested knowledge in areas they knew were important to clients. This was a priority because they could create custom assessments for every job role that met clients’ specific needs instead of being forced to use pre-prepared, generic job assessments.


Before implementing eSkill, BELAY required candidates to complete four pre-employment tests over four days to complete its assessment process. After implementing eSkill, candidates were able to complete the entire process in 24 hours—a 75% decrease. Also, it took BELAY an average of three or four weeks to fill a position. After deploying eSkill, they found they were able to fill jobs in around one or two weeks—a 50% decrease in time-to-hire.

As Laura Sue Johnson, a BELAY Recruiter explained, “BELAY works with thousands of applicants each year. By using eSkill’s job assessments, we can quickly evaluate their experience, skills, and aptitudes and identify the best candidates for each role which helps us improve placement rates. It is also important to us that candidates have a positive experience even if we do not extend a contract. Using eSkill helps us streamline the assessment process and candidates feel that their time is valued.”

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